Skorie Functionality at a Glance


DressageCalculator the free dressage test scorer is built in to Skorie so scores are saved with the option for each score to be checked before saving against an entry.


Drag and drop competitions and entries until each rider has time to warm up and swap horses. Add breaks for lunch or arena changes and much more.

Event Management

Everything you need in one place. Import and export entries, publish start times and results, judge management, integrated scoring, real time results, digital rosettes...

(almost) Paperless

All the Scoresheets can be printed in one pdf with headers already filled in with labels for BD tests. Once scoresheets are written and signed, our app can be used to send an image into the system for scoring and viewing by event team only. No more sending runners to collect sheets."

Championships and Leagues

Skorie can take results from multiple competitions and events and combine them using a variety of rules to provide event championships or multi-event leagues.

Results Analysis

Data analysis is available for different interest groups, organisers to get a view on success of event, judges to assess judging, national bodies to see how different tests are ridden and riders to see how they compared with each other.

Testsheet Management

Skorie no only helps to manage paper version of testsheets but provides easily searchable test lists with free option to listening to the test being read. We also provide custom testsheet design.

Online Events with Judging

Includes upload of videos and automatic compression for viewing. Online Judging where you can view the video and testsheet and enter scores and comments all on the same screen can be used for judging online competitions, judges training and for coaching.

Judges Training

The online judging interface is also used for judges training with the ability to compare the trainee scoress with other trainees and the master judge scores.


Skorie is designed to accept entries from various sources and in various formats including spreadsheets and csv.  After each event a complete excel spreadsheet is generated with tabs that include a count of tests each judge has done.

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